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Price: 0.20 EUR per word of the target file. A discount may be given if the text exceeds 3,000 words, or in consideration of major repetitions in the text.

Delivery: In all common formats, per e-mail. Usually with 24-36 hours turnaround on smaller text pieces (1-3 pages).



I am a full-time freelance translator with 40 years of full-time experience in the field of translations. I translate from English to German, as well as extensively from Danish to German. As a sideline, I also supply translations from Swedish and Norwegian. I was born and raised in Germany and have returned to my home country in 2010. I spent most of my adult life in Denmark, even 1 1/2 years in California, but have always maintained close ties to the German culture.

I have an excellent range of experience in a vast number of subjects, including business and government communication, management technologies, personnel manuals, tourism, jazz music, contracts, law, public relations, software descriptions and technical and instruction manuals of all kinds. The style of my translations is adapted to the nature of your documents – literary, technical, colloquial, formal, poetic, or whatever your readers may expect. I have also supplied more than 20 book translations from English to German, mostly to Karl Müller Verlag in Erlangen, Germany, during the 90’s, as well as approximately six million words of English/German translations on various philosophical, religious, scientific, administrative and educational subjects in the 70’s and 80’s.


• PERSONAL LITERARY HOMEPAGE (poetry and essays in German): click here

QUALITY COUNTS: I have invested more than 1,500 hours in building my own multilingual dictionary database, and I make extremely rich use of the Internet in meticulously verifying the up-to-date terminology of my customers. Customer terms and preferences are regularly recorded in my database. In addition to this, I use a significant personal library on a wide range of subjects. You can therefore rely on the fact that my translations are always based on very precise research and an accurate, detailed understanding of your document.

Fields of activity:

     Business translations (including correspondence, balance sheets, management structures, official tax and transportation ministry documents, personnel manuals etc.)

     Insurance documents

     Software manuals

     Commercial and industrial contracts

     Legal materials, court decisions, laws and regulations

     Nutrition and the environment

     Technical manuals (including state-of-the-art projection systems and other consumer electronics, foundry technology and other industrial machinery, furniture, fashion, traffic prognosis, construction projects, wheelchair construction, spectacles, contact lenses, ventilation systems, pump systems, and much more than is easily listed here)

     Promotional and public relations materials with a high creative demand

     Tourism brochures

    Covers and accompanying text for classic jazz DVDs


     Book translations (including history books, biographies, popular science, children's books for print and electronic media) as well as texts on geography, art, politics, science-fiction, philosophy, religion, education, social reform, etc.

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